Where I've worked

Industry Experience: 2.4 years

Apr 2021 - Present
Amazon (AWS)
Software Development Engineer
  • Implemented automated scripts to run performance analysis while rolling out new features to ensure no performance regressions were introduced saving 2 days of manual work per region rollout
  • Dove deep to resolve ongoing issues from an unknown cause related to clean thread shutdowns of a critical component, enabling my team to safely deploy the component without causing customer impact
  • Lead and organized a knowledge sharing group within my team to help grow and develop each other and build a personal connection as we worked from home
  • Onboarded microservices to a local development and testing framework to reduce build times and minimize the need for separate testing stacks, reducing development time
Jun 2020 - Sep 2020
Amazon (AWS)
Software Engineer Intern
  • Built an automated documentation parsing system in Python to generate code-completion syntax rules based on the public documentation page, increasing clarity for users and saving time for future updates
  • Designed and implemented an ANTLR grammar parser for a custom query language to generate helpful and contextual syntax error messages so users could understand problems easier
  • Created end-to-end canary tests to ensure the React components were visually correct and did not break with future changes
  • Achieved near 100% code coverage on unit tests for React components and utility classes
Sep 2018 - Jan 2020
Mighty Coders
Front End Engineer
  • Contributed to a learning management system for 250+ students across multiple locations to access the curriculum by building reusable React components using Typescript that were connected to a REST API
  • Wrote unit tests using Jest for new React components
  • Gave time estimates for features by creating detailed task breakdowns and outlining the steps to implement that feature so the business owners could approve the costs
  • Solved problems in the classroom that I saw as the Assistant Manager by suggesting a feature and how it would help, providing an implementation plan, and following it
Sep 2018 - Oct 2020
Mighty Coders
Assistant Manager

In this role, some of my responsibilities were:

  • Managing and mentoring our Code Mentors to provide the best learning experience possible.
  • Contributing to the growth of our curriculum.
  • Continuously looking for ways to implement new teaching strategies when necessary.
  • Creating training for our teachers.
  • Marketing and and leading tours of the school.
  • Managing special events like hackathons and coding workshops.
Jun 2018 - Apr 2019
Edmonds Community College
Math Tutor

I worked in both the Math Center and in classrooms with professors to:

  • Help pre-college level math students to clearly understand any topics they struggled with.
  • Teach students how to approach a problem and find the best technique to solve it with.
  • Proctor tests and quizzes
Sep 2017 - Aug 2018
Old Navy
Engagement Lead
  • Quickly became promoted to Engagement Lead where I led a team of cashiers because of my customer service, sales, and leadership ability
  • Achieved employee of the month in February 2018 for leading other employees, connecting with customers to provide amazing customer service and working hard
  • Chosen to train new employees in all areas of the store including cashier, business policies, customer service and folding because of my skill in each of those areas

My story


Sep 2019 - Mar 2021
University of Washington, Bothell
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science & Software Engineering

UW Bothell Faculty Honors

Coursework included:

  • Data Structures & Algorithms I & II
  • Management Principles
  • Cloud Computing
  • VR Mobile Apps (Unity) & Mobile Networking
  • Web Applications
  • Architecture, Analysis and Design
  • SQL Database Systems
  • Distributed System Design
  • Software Engineering Standards
  • Operating Systems
  • Hardware & Computer Organization
  • Technical Writing
Oct 2008 - Jul 2010
Edmonds Community College
Associate in Arts, Computer Science focus

Coursework included:

  • Advanced Java
  • Data Structures & Algorithms
  • Software Architecture
  • Android Development

I also earned a couple certificates:
  • Java Developer Certificate | Dec 2018
  • Android Developer Certificate | Mar 2019

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Unity (C#)