Hi, my name is

Koenn Becker

I build cool stuff for web and mobile.

I'm a software engineer based in Seattle, WA specializing in creating and designing websites and mobile apps. I started programming when I was 8 and have loved learning new things since. Check out my resume, or see what I'm working on in my blog!

What I do

Web Development

I create modern web applications using technologies like React, Gatsby, Wordpress, or plain old HTML/CSS!

Mobile Applications

I love building enjoyable mobile apps using Android or Flutter and React Native to build cross-platform apps with one codebase.


I have a passion for teaching others what I can related to anything I am passionate about, computer science or beyond!

Graphic Design

I do grahic design as a side-hobby. I enjoy integrating my design skills into the software I create!

What I've been working on